Optimal Squads

6 different optimal squads with daily forecasts.

Live GW

Expected and actual points with live tracking.

Gameweek Summary

Expected and actual point comparison with a focus on players.

FPL Analytics League

Comparison of data and analytics focused FPL managers.


Details and visualization of FPL fixture data.

Season Highlights

An overlook of your entire season and top players

Spirit Team

Which EPL team resembles your FPL journey the most?

Ownership Rates

Last GW ownership rates of every player with FPL trends

Blog Posts
Hindsight Optimization

Optimizing entire 2019-2020 season using hindsight values

Effective Ownership and Multiobjective Optimization

Why do we optimize for points? Does so-called "EO" matter at all?

O-Ring Optimization

How to use optimization for having a balanced team

On Ownership Ratios

Role of ownership ratios in FPL data and how to exploit it. Can algorithms learn from FPL managers?

GitHub Repository

Optimization codes for FPL using Python and sasoptpy using open-source solvers.

FPL API Endpoints

A list of all available endpoints that Official FPL API provides.

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